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Day 1. Meeting at the airport. Transferring and putting up at the hotel. Excursion + guide – the panoramic tour of Chisinau. Returning to the hotel.

Weekend in Moldova - 3 days tour

Day 4 . Free day (shopping, souvenirs). Transfer to airport.


Ideal tour/itinerary for a weekend or  just a short holiday in Moldova!


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                                                                                                  "St. Augustine"                                     

Day 2. Medieval town "Orheiul Vechi", "Curchi Monastery" and "Cricova cellars"

We will start the tour with one of the most beautiful monastery in Moldova,"Curchi" Monastery. This is a real pearl of our religious life. Here you’ll visit some churches, and among them - the “Virgin’s Assumption” Cathedral, built by the drawings of genius architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. 

After the monastery, we will continue with Orheiul Vechi open air museum. Here you will have the opportunity to visit the most interesting archaeological site housing the ruins of two cities (14th -16th century). Tatars settled here on their expansion to Western Europe. We will continue with a visit to the well-maintained Orthodox Cave Monastery,  which was expanded and modified inside the cliffs by monks over the centuries. Christian churches provide magnificent scenery through the windows of the monastery which still functions today.

After Orheiul Vechi we will continue with Cricova underground galleries. You will see over seventy streets covering an area of nearly 53 hectares, each bearing Bacchic names: Sauvignon, Cabernet, etc.There is one story always told in this place about the Russian pilot Yuri Gagarin, who during a visit in 1966, after getting tipsy, got lost and missed the exit. He went out the next day, having spent the night in the tasting room, currently named after him. Here you can also admire the oldest bottle of wine, dating from 1902.

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 Day 3 . Transnistria - Tiraspol & Bender city. 

After one hour drive to Transnistria, we will visit  “Bender” city (Tighina), it is a city controlled by the authorities of Transnistria, the breakaway region of Moldova, although geographically on the right bank of the river Dniester. Tighina is located in the buffer zone established at the end of the War of Transnistria. While the Joint Control Commission has overriding powers, Transnistria has de facto administrative control over the city and both Moldova and breakaway Transnistria have small police forces in the city.

In Bender we will also visit the “Bender Fortress”.  The fortress was built in one the most powerful of the medieval cities of Moldova – Tighina, which was an important trade outpost. Originally built as a small wooden fort by Stefan cel Mare, it was fortified with stone during Petru Rares’ rule, just was Soroca fortress.

And of course we will visit Tiraspol - "the capital" of the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Transnistria). It officially belongs to Moldova and is its second largest city.